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Telling Grit’s Story with Full Media Jacket

Grit loves stories – we’re driven by them, driven to them, driven to create them. Stories connect us. They create community. That’s what Grit’s all about – connecting communities through food. It’s a story we’ve been excited to tell, and when we decided to launch our fundraising campaign through Wefunder, we were presented with the perfect opportunity to do just that. To bring the Grit story to life, we turned to a team of Houston visionaries who share those values.

Full Media Jacket is a Houston-based team consisting of George Parker and Kay Ennis – two artists committed to crafting stories that inspire. George and Kay took the Grit story and built a narrative that’s both real and relatable. Together, they shaped the scenes that encapsulate the Grit experience. Their storyline, while detailing the Grit model, moves beyond the business and strikes at the heart of the Grit movement – connecting communities through food.

Check out their work on our Wefunder page, and stay tuned for more Grit stories.