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Moving the Message to the Masses

Give us a microphone, we’ll change the world…or at least the Houston food-scape, for starters.

Grit Grocery had the amazing opportunity to speak with Houston Public Media’s Florian Martin during the June 9th episode of the Bauer Business Focus. The episode highlighted the potential for Grit Grocery to make an impact all over the City of Houston regardless of the demographic break-downs that big-box grocery stores rely on to sure-up their investment in communities. Big-box grocery chains rely on huge markets to sustain their real estate and overhead costs – that doesn’t work in low resource communities. A Grit truck can roll in and serve a smaller radius of city blocks without a loss to the bottom line or a burden on the community. With access to quality foods comes the benefit of increased health and wellness leading to greater quality of life for ALL Houstonians.

Grit Grocery is a food access / food justice solution. The flexibility of the model allows for the evolution of each community-based market to serve the needs of that community.

We’re thankful to Houston Public Media for the spotlight and look forward to more opportunities to spread the word about Grit Grocery.