GRIT+TOGETHER is a uniquely social Dinner Party experience where everyone participates. Grit delivers the main ingredients you need for a co-op cooking experience. We’ve also got fun instructions for your party to split into teams and cook together as a community. It’s not just about good food, Grit+Together is a unique bonding experience.

How do I order a GRIT+TOGETHER?

Just tell us the date and give us an estimate on the number of people and we will deliver everything you need on the day of the event.

What’s on the menu?

We’ve got a range of options featuring local, fresh, seasonal ingredients. Everything is relatively simple to cook, so you don’t need to be an expert chef. Check out our Grit+Together Menu

What areas do you deliver to, and what’s the delivery charge?

We currently deliver throughout Houston and nearby suburbs. There is a flat rate delivery fee of $10 regardless of guest numbers (so don’t be shy, invite everyone!).

How much does it cost?

Food price is about $10/Person and you need a minimum of 8 people to maximize the experience. In addition, there is a flat rate delivery fee of $10.